Solar Panel Cleaning

The Ridge Doctor can now offer a unique solar panel cleaning service. This was developed by request from our many customers that have solar panels but couldn’t find anyone to clean the panels properly. The main problems seem to be the right cleaning product and also access to the panels.


In most cases the solar panels are too difficult to reach to be able to use standard window cleaning tools and equipment   .We access the roof via ladders and clean the Solar panels by hand this enables us to inspect the panels and check the condition of the framework and also inspect for any possible leaks around the fixing brackets.


For solar panel cleaning you can’t really use standard window cleaning products because they would leave a soap residue on your panels and water spots as it evaporates and dries, also it’s difficult to clean them properly from the ground.

The Answer - SolarBrite

SolarBrite was developed using Nano-particle technology specifically designed for the unique dirt repelling qualities required to repel dirt on Solar panels.

Once SolarBrite is applied to your solar panels they will stay clean for at least 1 year  before requiring cleaning again , a much longer period of time in comparison to traditional cleaning methods.

Unlike windows the solar panels on your roof need to have a clean and clear surface to ensure they are working at their maximum efficiency. If they are not at their optimum performance it means they are not producing the amount of electricity that they could be and therefor losing money.

It has been proven by the industry experts that dirty solar panels don’t produce as much power as clean solar panels. According to the National Renewable Energy laboratory the loss may be as high as 25% in some areas of the UK. Solar panel dealers have reported losses as high as 30% for some customers who never clean their solar panels.

How often should solar panel cleaning be done?

With SolarBrite you only need to clean your solar panels once a year with traditional cleaning methods the rule of thumb is to have your solar panels first cleaned at the start of spring as the days lengthen and the amount of sun reaching the panels increases. Later in the summer they should be cleaned again. For the UK climate this seems to be the best solution.