Re-Bedding Ridge Tiles

Re-bedding is required when the sand and cement mortar (bedding) no longer bonds to the ridge tile, this is due to neglect to the ridge pointing. The bedding becomes dis-bonded and brittle with constant weathering due to no protection from the outer pointing skin allowing the bedding to decay.This makes it easier for the ridge tile to blow off in high winds causing more damage

When removing ridge caps great care must be taken to prevent breaking any of the existing roof tiles.


All sand and cement mortar must be cleaned from the tiles, before the Re-bedding can begin


The Ridge Doctor uses Re-bedding frames -this not only makes the job easier it guarantee's a straight ridge every time


Once the ridge caps have been laid, the excess mortar is trimmed off and FlexiPoint can be trowelled on


Applying FlexiPoint will protect the bedding for many years to come and prevent any cracking of the ridge system