Moss Removal

What damage will moss do to your roof?

Moss usually takes hold in between the tiles and grows opening up the joints and potentially allowing water to enter the roof space, this will lead to the roof laths becoming soaked and eventually rotting which will lead to costly replacement.

Moss also take hold on worn concrete tiles as the surface becomes pitted with age making it easy for the moss to take hold and grow.

Moss also increases water retention so when it rains the roof takes on extra weight as the worn tile and the moss absorb the water, this leads to extra stress on the roof timbers.

Moss will retain water on the tile surface so in winter when it freezes it could cause the tile to crack due to the frozen water expanding which was previously absorbed by the tile.

Moss will gradually cause the concrete tile to deteriorate and accelerate the wearing process reducing the life of the tile.

Moss will accelerate the destruction of your ridge pointing.

All concrete roofs must be sealed if they have been pressure washed


The Answer – Seal ’n’ Shield


1 - The roof is pressure cleaned to remove all moss and lichen

2 - All damaged tiles are replaced and repairs undertaken

3 - The roof is then sprayed with Bio-Clean anti-fungicidal

4 - The roof is then sprayed with the first coat of Seal ’n’ Shield’ this will soak into the tile reinforcing and sealing it

5 - We then spray apply the second coat which will rebuild lost surface thickness due to weathering dramatically extending the life of the tile.

What is Seal’n’Shield?

  • Seal ’n’ Shield is the only clear two coat system that will seal and rebuild your tile surface

  • Seal ’n’ Shield is a polymer/resin blend which is designed to seal and reinforce the concrete tile while replacing lost surface due to weathering

  • Seal ’n’ Shield dries clear giving your roof that just cleaned look even when it rains

  • Seal ’n’ Shield will aid the prevention of moss and lichen re-growth due to its anti-fungicidal additive

  • Seal ’n’ Shield removes the chance of cracked tiles

  • Seal ’n’ Shield is guaranteed to seal your roof tiles for 10 years